The market for investment products is becoming more and more complex – but at the same time more interesting. Yet foundations and pension fund managers face a formidable challenge when trying to find investment products that generate predictable cash-flow as well as the returns needed to meet their targets and pension liabilities. This is where Northern Invest comes in: we offer our institutional investors various risk decoupled investment products, products with a highly transparent risk structure that deliver a reliable cash-flow.

Markus Brückner, Managing Partner Northern Invest
Hochhaus Pumpen Schiff
Decouple Risks, Secure Cash-Flow

Current yield
German Central Bank

Term 3-5 years -0,03
Term 9-10 years 0,54

Av. Recycling Prices
(Athenian Shipbrokers S.A.

USD/lt ldt (Dry Cargo) 314,00
USD/lt ldt (Tanker) 335,00